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About 50 reviews in various periodicals, BIOS Journal, Musical Times, Choir & Organ, Organists Review, Nineteenth-Century Music etc.
Insert notes for CDs of Jongen's organ music (Priory, 1991) and choral music (Regent, 2006, Hyperion, 2007)

Articles on JSW

  • Kay, Graeme, 'The Man in Black', Choir & Organ (May-June 2004)
  • Oron, Aryeh, 'John Scott Whiteley (Organ)', internet biography at, June 2009 {Please note that some details in this are incorrrect}
  • Wiles, Michael, 'In Conversation with John Scott Whiteley', Friends of Cathedral Music Magazine (November 2010).
    Reprinted (in shorter version) in the magazine of the Friends of York Minster, 2011.