Œuvres de jeunesse

Year Title Dedication
1967 Improvisation on Psalm 65 (org) [MS] -
  Toccata in G minor [Toccatina] (org) [MS] -
1968 Variations on an Original Theme (org) [MS] To my teacher, Michael Davey
1970 Sonatina (vln, pno) [MS] To Miss Cynthia Cooper
1971 In Commemoration (A Comic Operetta in 1 Act) [MS] Libretto by R. S. Wardle
  Missa Brevis (SATB, org)  
  Fanfare (org) [MS]  
1972 Fugato Fantasy (org) [MS] for Bryan Kelly

Written at St. Edmundsbury

Year Op Title Dedication
1974/81 - 3 Inventions on Paintings of J.M.W. Turner (org) [MS – nos. 4 & 5 unfinished] To ‘Lauren Wattis’
1973/84 1 Variations on a Theme of Berlioz (org) [Unfinished] -

Written at York

Year Op Title Dedication
1982 2 Christmas Anthem - Jesu Redemptor Omnium (Ssolo, SATB, org)
4 performances. Broadcast on Radio York, December 1982
Published: Banks, York, 1995
Choir of York Minster
1983 3 Evening Canticles (York Service) (SSAATTBB soloists, org)
Over 10 performances. Broadcast on Radio Three, Choral Evensong, c.1987
Published: Banks Music Publications, York, 1986
Recorded: Priory Records, 1996
Philip Moore & YMC
1984   Stille Nacht (AATTBB) [MS]
First performance: Chapter House of York Minster, December 1984
York Minster Songmen
1985 4 Esquisse (In memoriam Le Tombeau des Naïades) (pno) [MS] For Monica Critchley
1987   Intrada composed for Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of York, and performed on the occasion of the conferment on them of the Freedom of the City of York on 4 July 1987 [MS]
Recorded for Regent, 9 June 2010
1990 5 #1 Five Cathedral Motets No.1 Laudate Deum Omnes Angeli (S & B soli, SSATTB)
2 performances: York Minster, January 1990, 1991
1992   English Sketch (pno) [Unfinished MS] Michelle Pemberton
1993   Four Psalm Chants (SATB), 2 in York Minster Psalter (2 revised from 1978 versions. Publication in preparation.)  
1993/4 5 #2 Five Cathedral Motets No.2 Voce mea ad Dominum (Anthem for Lent) (SSAATTBB)  
1997 6 Fantasia espansiva (org)
First performance: York MInster, broadcast live on Radio Three, 2.10.97
Recorded in Sheffield City Hall for Priory Records, February 1999
For Francis Jackson's 80th Birthday
1997   Symphony (Recorded improvisation) (org) [Transcription in preparation]  
1998 7 Toccata di dissonanze on themes of Frescobaldi … and Chicago (org)
First performance: Hull University Chapel, October 1998
Recorded for Regent, 7 June 2010
Professor David Dilks
1999 8 Aubade (org)
Composed for a recording by Priory Records, 14 February 1999
First performance: Mill Hill Chapel, City Square, Leeds, May 2001
Recorded for Regent, 9 June 2010
For the Sylvestrinas of the Willis III organ of Sheffield City Hall
1999 5 #3 Five Cathedral Motets No.3 Reges Tharsis (SSAATTBB unacc.)
First performance: York Minster, January 2000. Over 20 performances.
Published: Encore, 2010
Recorded by York Minster Choir for Regent Records, 2009
Robert Sharpe
2000/02 9 Carillon-Concertante on B-A-C-H (org)
First performance (in early version): Huddersfield Town Hall, October 2000
First performance of final version: Southwell Minster, May 2002
Gordon Stewart
2001 10 Evening Canticles (Second Service) (SATB unacc.)
Over 20 performances, March 2001 - July 2008
Philip Moore
  5 #4 Five Cathedral Motets No.4 Te lucis ante terminum (SSS soli, SSAATTBarBB unacc.)
First performed: York Minster, October 2001
Published: Encore, 2012
To the Girl Choristers of York Minster Choir
  11a In Memoriam Maurice Duruflé (Fugal pastiche for organ)
First performance: Hastings Parish Church, 30 July 2002
Published: Banks, York, 2012
In memory of Maurice Duruflé
    Evening Canticles (Faux Bourdons) (SS org)
First performed: York Minster, November 2001
2002 11 Trilogy on stanzas of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: (org)
1. Sebastiana
2. Ripponden
3. Hotch-potch

Commissioned by the church of Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon. First performed there, 18 April 2002. ‘Ripponden’ revised 2009, ‘Sebastiana’ revised 2010.
Recorded for Regent, 8-9 June 2010
To my Parents
    Vocalise-Trio (ATB) For the Choral Scholars of Lichfield Cathedral
  5 #5 Five Cathedral Motets No.5 Lucis creator optime (Ssolo,SSAATTBB)
First performed: York Minster, October 2002
In memory of Roderick Neal, who died aged 42, 18.4.02
2003   Domine tu fuisti (Pastiche for SATB)
First performed: York Minster, April 2003
Homage to Charles Wood
2004   Hymn Tune (Precentor’s Court)
Published: St James's Music Press, 2014.
2005 12 Anthem: At the round earth’s imagin’d corners
First performed: York Minster, July 2005. Revised 2010.
For Charity Mapletoft
2006 13 Evening Canticles (Third Service) (SATB, S solo, STB verses, Org, Ch Org)
First performance: York Minster, 12 July 2006
  11a In Memoriam Maurice Duruflé: Scherzo (To precede fugue of 2001)
First performance: York Minster, 5 August 2006
Recorded for Regent, 8 June 2010
Published: Banks Music Publications, York, 2012
In memory of Maurice Duruflé
  14 Short Anthem: Dominus regit me
First performance: York Minster, October 2006
2007 15 Scherzetto and fugue on the name Francis Jackson (org)
(In ‘Fanfare for Francis’ published by Banks Music Publications)
First performances: Holy Trinity, Roehampton, 5 May 2007; Salem Minster, Germany, 22 July 2007; St. Servais, Schaerbeek, Brussels, 23 September 2007; York Minster, 1 October 2007.
Recorded: Amphion, 2007 and Regent, 8 June 2010
For Francis Jackson's 90th Birthday
2008 16 Prelude-caprice on How great Thou art (org)
First performance during a recital there on 29 September 2008.
For the organ of the John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia, Pa.
2008-9 17 Introduction & Passacaglia (org)
First performances: Ripon Cathedral, 3 August 2010; Mill Hill Chapel, City Square, Leeds, some weeks before. Introduction added in February 2016.
Recorded for Regent, 9 June 2010
Published: Banks Music Publications, York, 2012
... in memory of Princess Diana
2010 18 Five sisters windows: Glass effect-pieces for organ
1. Glints
2. Tracery
3. Dichroic variations
4. Grisaille
5. Lancets
First performance on the Klais organ of Bath Abbey, 29 May 2010
Recorded for Regent, 8-9 June 2010
2011   Piece for an Aeolian House Organ [MS]
2011 Shapeshifts: a tonal pedal study (organ pedals)
Published: Dr Butz Edition, Bonn, 2015.
For Hans-Peter Bähr  
2012 19 Deconstruction on themes of Benjamin Britten (pno) [MS]
Revised July 2016. First performance given by Jo Peach: St Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel, York, 24 September 2016.
Performance of initial draft: Leicester Cathedral, 31 July 2012
To Jo Peach  
2013 20 Make we joy! A Christmas anthem. (SATB, org)
November 2013
In progress
2014 21 Elegiac Rhapsody on Urbs beata (org)
April 2014. First performance: Hessle Parish Church, 14 May 2014
Published: Banks Music Publications, York, 2015
In Memory of my friend, Alan Spedding  
2014 22 Two unset chorales from the Orgelbüchlein (org) [MS]
No.1 Partita on Wo soll ich fliehen hin?
No.2 Wie nach einer Wasserquelle (Orgelbüchlein project commission)
2014 Carillonette on Merton (org)
August 2014. First performance: Maximilian Elliott, St Giles, Pontefract, 17 April 2015
Published: Banks Music Publications (The Ebor Organ Album, 2014)
To Nigel Holdsworth & the YDOA  
2014 23 A Dozen Minster Last Verses
1985 - 2010
Published: St James's Music Press. [Set 2 unpublished - available via contact page of this website]


24 Ten Preludes and Fugues (org)
In progress


25 Toccata on themes of Francis Jackson (org)
In progress (begun in 2012)